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   Nov 23 2015
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   Nov 30 2015 at 01:00 PM
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60 Gallon Challenge
60 Gallon Challenge
Posted on 10/21/2015
California is in the midst of a severe drought. We all are taking measures to conserve our water resources.  READ MORE...
Understanding the CAASPP Student Report
Posted on 09/25/2015
California public school student in grades three through eleven take part in the state’s standardized assessments. These assessments include a variety of approaches  READ MORE...
Walk to School Day
Posted on 09/25/2015
RJ Neutra and Admiral Akers schools will join schools from around the nation to celebrate Walk to School Day on October 7, 2015.  READ MORE...
PowerSchool App
Posted on 09/23/2015
PowerSchool Parents and Students have access to real-time information on grades, attendance, comments, assignments and scores directly from the teacher's gradebook via the PowerSchool web portal and free app.  READ MORE...
CBEE News Release
Posted on 07/29/2015
RJ Neutra School Named STAR School & STEMS School with Designation for Science & Math.  READ MORE...
2015-16 School Year Newsletter
Posted on 07/29/2015
Neutra’s 2015-2016 school year starts on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 and this could be “the best school year ever…”   READ MORE...
Common Core State Standards
Posted on 09/08/2014
Educational standards describe what students should know and be able to do in each subject in each grade.  READ MORE...
"Take Charge" ~ DoDEA Grant
Posted on 04/08/2014
There are exciting times at Central Union School District as they implement the “Take Charge” DoDEA Grant that addresses Health & Fitness.   READ MORE...
Welcome to Neutra Elementary School
R.J. Neutra School's mission is, “Move into the future, but treasure our heritage.” With this as our mission, we have made a commitment to provide the best educational program possible for our students. The excellent quality of our program is a reflection of our highly committed staff.

The staff, in partnership with parents, will work toward effectively preparing our children to live in the world as it will exist in the future. We believe that much of the work our children will do in the twenty-first century is not yet determined. We strive, therefore, to prepare children to be lifelong learners, to think critically, to be problem solvers, and to learn from past experiences. The staff and parents envision Neutra School as Aerial Viewa place of growth for the total child: intellectual, emotional, social, ethical, and physical. Our school is where individual needs are recognized so that every student may experience success within an atmosphere of warmth, mutual respect, and caring. We monitor, adjust, and thus increase student achievement.

We renew this commitment yearly in hopes that together, we will continue to improve our effectiveness in edifying students of today, preparing them to become productive citizens of tomorrow. It is in light of this fact, that we welcome any suggestions, ideas, or comments you may have. Parents can contact us at 998-6823 or through our home page address neutra.central.k12.ca.us.