Coach Elia - Physical Education

Coach EliaCoach Elia was born in Pasadena, California, and was raised in Southern California, where he graduated from Glendora High School. After earning an AA Degree from Citrus Jr. College, he continued his education at Fresno State with a B.A. Degree in Physical Education. He has been at Neutra School since graduating from Fresno State. 

Coach Elia is married and has 2 children. He loves all sports, with long distance running as his favorite hobby.



 Physical Education for
1st - 5th Grade


Neutra School has been the recipient of a DODEA grant that is specifically directed towards the improvement of physical fitness and health for our students. This grant has enabled Neutra to offer a Physical Education Program for first through fifth grade students. Classes meet two times a week for Physcial Education. Kindergarten meets once a week.

Students should wear comfortable clothes and proper footwear on their PE days. If your child has to miss Physical Education because of a medical reason a brief note from a parent or guardian should be turned in. Please inform me if your child is to be out of Physical Education for an extended amount of time. We will meet indoors on days in which there is poor air quality or inclement weather.

Class Schedule 2017-2018

1st Grade
Gately: Tuesday and Friday
Buryta: Tuesday and Thursday
Thayer: Tuesday and Thursday
Ward: Monday and Wednesday

  2nd Grade
Rosa: Tuesday and Friday
Ramos: Wednesday and Thursday
Rapoza: Wednesday and Thursday
Macedo: Wednesday and Thursday
3rd Grade
Mobley: Thursday and Friday
Gosschalk: Tuesday and Wednesday
Parker: Monday and Thursday
  4th Grade
Cunningham: Tuesday and Friday
Springer: Wednesday and Thursday
Denny: Wednesday and Friday
5th Grade
Smyers: Thursday and Friday
Taylor: Monday and Tuesday
Ochoa: Monday and Wednesday
Clark: Monday
Davis: Tuesday
Cardoza: Tuesday
Haynes: Wednesday
Fees: Monday
Anderson: Friday

Intramural/Team Sports

The purpose of the intramural/team sports program is to give students an opportunity to play on sports such as Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, and Track. This program will be conducted after school and is open to all 3rd thru 5th Grade students who wish to participate. Volleyball and Basketball are restricted to only 4th and 5th Grade Students. Cross Country and Track is offered to 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade students. The goal is to improve their skill levels and provide a positive experience of being on an athletic team.

Physical Fitness Testing
Physical fitness testing is mandated for fifth grade. The window for the 2017-18 school year is Mid February 2018 to Mid April 2018. The test is composed of the following six fitness areas:

  1. Aerobic Capacity (One Mile Run Test)
  2. Abdominal (Curl-up Test)
  3. Flexibility (Sit and Reach Test)
  4. Body Composition (Body Mass Index)
  5. Upper Body Strength (Push-up Test)
  6. Trunk Extensor Strength (Trunk Lift Test)

For more information see the following website:

Physical Education Class Description
P.E. classes meet weekly at each site.
Letter grades are given to all 4th and 5th grade students.

P.E. classes provide a safe environment where all students, no matter their athletic ability, feel free to participate without embarrassment. Good sportsmanship, safety, and positive attitude are stressed on a daily bases. The goal is for all students to be successful and to have fun.

Zone Fitness Room Description
The Zone Fitness Room houses innovating technological fitness equipment including: The Smart Trainer, The Makoto, and DanceDance Revolution (See for more demonstration video:, along with four Kinec X-box Systems. This room will be available for students during Physical Education Classes. The Zone Fitness Room will also be scheduled for 4th and 5th grade for after-school Fitness on Mondays.

Peaceful Playground
Our school has adapted The Peaceful Playgrounds. The five areas that Peaceful Playground targets:

  1. Conflict Resolution (Students are taught to solve problems peacefully)
  2. Rules of Games (Consistency of the game rules are available to playground supervisors) 
  3. Equipment (Available for all students)
  4. Expectations (Positively relate to peers)
  5. Designs (Painting of game activities on the blacktops)

Neutra Mileage Club Run
This is a weekly/monthly activity where students participate in the activity of running, jogging/walking at their respective campus. Students are encourage to set goals to see how much distance they can cover. Students’ progress is recorded and they are awarded for efforts.