Mrs. Buryta - First Grade
I have lived in the Lemoore area all my life, growing up on a family owned farm near Stratford. I attended MIQ School and graduated from Lemoore High School. I received both my Bachelors's degree in Early Childhood Development and my Clear, Life, Multiple Subjects Credential from California State University Fresno. I am proud to say I have been a teacher at R.J. Neutra School for over 30 years and plan to continue doing what I love for many more years.

First Grade – Room 2

Homework Policy

The types of homework given in my class are Reading, Math, Spelling, and Handwriting.

Homework is given as an extension of the concepts introduced in class and will consist mainly of drill and practice type assignments.

Each student has the responsibility of completing classwork during the school day. If not completed it is assigned as homework and needs to be returned the following day to school.

All students will be given homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.



It is with pleasure that I welcome you and your child to my class. We can all look forward to a very exciting year. In order to provide my students with the excellent educational climate they deserve, I have developed the following Classroom Discipline Plan that will be in effect at all times.


  1. I will do my work
  2. I will be nice to others, no teasing or name calling
  3. I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself
  4. I will stay in my seat
  5. I will always do my best in everything

If a student chooses to break a rule

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Blue card pulled – “Super Card”
  3. Yellow card pulled – “Good Card”
  4. Pink card pulled – “O.K. Card
  5. Red card pulled – “Danger Zone Card”
  6. Purple card pulled – “You Blew It Card” parent conference will be required

Students who behave appropriately will be positively rewarded with a Super student certificate at the end of each day so parents can congratulate their child for job well done. But remember we all make mistakes and no one is perfect all the time. It very seldom happens but if a child has all their cards pulled in one day a parent conference will be necessary.

If interested in information on common core standards check out this site: