Mrs. Macedo - Second Grade

Hello My Name Is...

Kathryn C. Macedo

Hi, my name is Kathryn Macedo, I am the second grade teacher in room 16 at R. J. Neutra Elementary.  I am a graduate from Fresno Pacific University’s Liberal Arts program and I am currently working towards dual credentials for Multiple Subject and Mild/Moderate Special Education, and my masters in Special Education. 


I have been an instructional aide for the previous seven years and worked primarily as a reading aide or with special education, from first graders through eighth graders.  I truly enjoyed working in that position and look forward to this new position in education.


I am a firm believer that learning amongst chaos is nearly impossible, so we will have a fun but controlled environment within the classroom.  Students are asked to be on-time and prepared to work from the moment class begins until we are headed out of the classroom.  I do believe there are a lot of opportunities to learn that we will try and capitalize on.  We have a routine that we do our best to adhere to which provides a lot of children with a comfort in knowing what is “next.” 


Class rules:

*Be kind, considerate, and respectful to everyone who enters our classroom.

*Be ready to learn.

*Sit tall in your seat.

*Make sure you “have the floor” before speaking out loudly. 

*”Say Please”, “Thank you”, and “Excuse me.”

*Follow directions.

*Be assertive, be a problem solver.

*Be confident.

*Raise your hand.

*Use your time wisely.


1.When a child misbehaves they will be spoken to on a one-on-one basis. 

2.The second time, a child will be addressed again and warned that the next time it will result in signing the book.

3. On the third infraction the child will sign the book after having a moment to step aside and think about their behavior.  “Signing the book,” amounts to writing what they have done that has caused this result; then the child will write how they can avoid this result and not make the same choice.  We discuss what they have written and their “solution” to making sure this does not happen again. 

4. If this should happen again we will contact the parent together over the phone and consider having them meet with all three of us to “solve” the problem.



The California Common Core State Standards for second grade can be accessed using the link below.