Ms. Freitas - RSP & 3-5 ExCEL Teacher

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Gina Freitas

Hi!  My name is Mrs. Gina Freitas.  I have been teaching for over 15 years, but this is my first year at R.J. Neutra Elementary and I love it!  Special Education has always been my passion.  My hope is to help ALL children and the WHOLE child.  
As a daughter of a sailor, I too moved quite a bit.  My father retired in 1998 and we decided the town of Lemoore would be our home.  Having lived on 3 continents and born in Norfolk, Virginia, I am grateful to have had the opportunities and experiences of living abroad. I believe those experiences, paired with the education I received at Fresno Pacific University have shaped the teacher I have become. 
When you enter my class, I hope you are able to take a look in our classroom mirror, as our students do daily and say something positive to the wonderful person you see in the reflection. You in turn will see my thought for them, "You my dear make my heart smile"