Ms. Parker - Third Grade

About Me:

I'm originally from Los Angeles, where I taught SDC in an elementary school for 5 years before moving to Visalia in 2004. I also facilitated math workshops for teachers through UCLA. In Visalia, I taught high school CAHSEE prep for Language Arts, Math, and Algebra 1. I have been teaching at Central Elementary for 8 years now. I am the Resource Specialist for our school, which entails assessing students for possible disabilities, writing and holding IEPs, collaborating with teachers, and working with groups of students (kinder-8th grade) in the resource room. I'm now in my 14th year of teaching.


I have a BA & MA in Human Development with a specialization in Developmental Education, Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential (k-12) and Education Specialist-MMD credential, Autism authorization, Administration credential and I'm finishing up a Science authorization.

I run the Resource program at our school for all grade levels kindergarten thru 8th grade. Students who need academic support either come into my class, have accommodations in their regular class or an aide in their regular class for short periods of time to give students support. We work on grade level standards in math and Language Arts. We help them with class assignments from their regular classes and also give them hands on lessons to provide them engaging lessons to strengthen concepts. Our district is moving forward with the Common Core Standards that are being implemented in many states, which I am very excited about because it focuses on a thinking curriculum that will help our children succeed in their future.

The State of California will begin transitioning from the California Standards to the Common Core Standards. The following links will allow parents to view individually how these new academic changes will look like for both students and teachers.
This link will allow you to see the new common core standards that are developed for ELA, Math, Social Science & Science.

All of my students have an account they can access at home for help learning essential skills in math. They all know their logins and passwords and it would be great if they could get some practice at home.
This is the link to the site:


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