Neutra Elementary

Ms. Smyers - Fifth Grade

Nicole Smyers grew up in Hanford, graduating from Hanford High School. She went on to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies, with a Minor in Literature at CSU Fresno. She finished her education, earning her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Chapman University. She has taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. She is a mother of two girls. Her favorite subject to teach is Language.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your child to my class for the 2021-2022 school year. We have an exciting year planned but we have a lot to cover!  As you probably know, Central Union Elementary School District along with the state of California has set some very high academic standards in which your student must meet.  I’m confident that your child will meet and surpass these expectations, but we need your help.

Your child WILL have homework every night during the school week, and occasionally on Fridays.  During long projects, students will have short weekend assignments that will be equivalent to a typical evening’s homework.  Please assist and check homework to ensure of its completeness and quality.  Parental involvement is essential to instilling this beneficial habit in your students. 

The discipline policy is simple and consistent. The first mishap will receive a verbal warning.  The second will result in a loss of morning recess.  Third warning will result in lunch detention with the exception of time to eat lunch and use necessary facilities.  The fourth infraction will result in contact to you, either through the student or myself, whichever is more effective.  The final act is a citation and being sent to the principal. Upon receipt of a citation, you would again receive communication from myself and/or one of our administrators. 

My grading policy is also very simple and traditional. I will be using letter grades A-F to represent achievement.  An “A” will represent excellent work and a percentage of 90 or better cumulatively throughout the quarter.  A “B” will represent good work and a percentage of 80-89.  A “C” represents average work and a percentage of 70-79. A “D” represents below average work and a percentage of 60-69.  An “F” is failing and is a percentage of 59 and below.

Missing/late assignments will only be accepted and graded AFTER a student attends Saturday School.  This is to better prepare students for the rigors of junior high they will face in the following year.  Absences are the only exception to this policy. 

Class Objectives:

1)    To read, write, and comprehend at grade level.

2)    To work with computers and other forms of technology with ease.

3)    To perform standards-based, grade-level appropriate mathematical functions.

4)    To learn about the social history of the United States.

5)    To learn about the human body, plants, weather, and the scientific method.

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