Spirit Assemblies

Every month at Neutra, an assembly is held in the inner circle (MU Room if Inclement Weather) that begins at 1:00PM. Most of these assemblies incorporate themes that allow students and teachers to get in on the fun. This is also the time when the Student Of The Month and the Kestrel Award winners are revealed. Bucket Filler prizes are also drawn from Bucket Filler Tickets. A variety of activities take place, the Neutra Color Guard opens the Spirit Assembly by presenting the colors, and Chubby Cubby (a teddy bear) is given to a special staff member.

2016-17 Spirit Assemblies


 Student Of The Month Honored

 Character Pillar

 September 2
Back to School Rally



 October 7
Baseball Playoffs



 November 4
Galloping Towards the New Year



 December 2



 February 3
Football Super Bowl



 March 3
Disney Mania



 March 31
Decades Day



 May 5
Future Day/Career


 Bucket Fillers

 June 2
Summer is here!